Being Threatened Is Not A Good Feeling – What Can You Do About It?


According to IT World Canada, A new ransomware group says a Toronto-based billion-dollar company is allegedly one of its first victims of a new ransomware group calling itself DarkSide. The new group is demanding payment or threatening to release the copied corporate files publically.

“If you need proof we are ready to provide you with it,” the gang says on the site. “The data is preloaded and will be automatically published if you do not pay. After publication your data will be available [to others] for at least six months on our tor cdn servers.”


Is your data backed up and secure?  How would you ensure your business continuity in a cyber attack or data breach?

Threat actors on increasingly targeting both large and small companies like a business themselves.  Having their own set of social engineering business principles that seek to steal, breach, and control. 

Would your team be able to identify a ransomware attack or know how to handle one should it be effective?  Are you backed up in case you fall victim to one?

Cybercrime has reached the profit of trillions making it one of the most successful criminal activities in the world.  Don’t let your company be a victim.  

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