Is It Worth It To Spend Bare Minimum On Cybersecurity?

Cyber criminals know that SME’s will lean towards investing the majority of their dollars into front-line services and are exploiting this everyday.


To Protect Your Front-line, You Must Invest Into Your IT Infrastructure And Cybersecurity

A perfect example of this is with hospitals and clinics in Canada.  They can’t cope with growing cyber threats amid the COVID-19 pandemic, say healthcare and cybersecurity professionals. This happens more because healthcare institutions invest a bare minimum on IT, putting every dollar to front-line care services. cyber criminals know this and are exploiting it more everyday.

Canada’s health care system has been a top target for cyber crime in the country

A report on the importance of investing into your IT and cybersecurity from CBC was noted from expert Raheel Qureshi, co-founder of a cybersecurity consulting firm that deals with hundreds of health organizations across the country. He says the healthcare sector is targeted more than any other industry in Canada, accounting for 48 per cent of all security breaches in the country last year. 

Cybersecurity is nothing to be taken lightly when considering how to increase your bottom-line and protect your assests. In any industry and with every size of SME or organization, fraudsters are working overtime to identify your companies vulnerabilities and breach your data everyday.  Make sure you don’t minimize your budget IT and cybersecurity.  Investing in cybersecurity is investing into your companies success.