How Important Is Cybersecurity Awareness?

If actors are hacking at a national level, how much more easier can they hack SME’s that don’t have the same level of security?


Cybercrime is at every level of society and business.  Threat actors are working overtime to hack, steal, and infiltrate at every level.  From Federal to the local SME’s.


“These malicious cyber activities were very likely undertaken to steal information and intellectual property relating to the development and testing of COVID-19 vaccines, and serve to hinder response efforts at a time when health care experts and medical researchers need every available resource to help fight the pandemic,” the CSE statement says.

“APT29 “is likely to continue to target organizations involved in COVID-19 vaccine research and development, as they seek to answer additional intelligence questions relating to the pandemic,” said a joint assessment from the CSE, the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre and the National Security Agency in the U.S.”

SME’s are an even more threat to cybercrime as they are more vulnerable and easier targets

So How Important Is Cybersecurity Awareness for your company?

With cyber crime on the rise in the current pandemic of Covid-19, this multi-trillion dollar business of hacking is getting more sophisticated in their social engineering.  And threat actors get their trillions from somewhere – your business.

Are you prepared for when your company will get targeted?

Is your team trained in cybersecurity awareness and how to avoid the simplest of human errors that could take down your who company overnight?

Do you know what would happen if your companies data was breached and compromised?

Your greatest investment is in yourself, your team, and your company.  And one of the best ways to do this is to get ahead of the actors that want to infiltrate your business by investing into cybersecurity.