Policies In Your Company Does't Always Mean Protection in Your Company

With or without an existing IT infrastructure and existing policies, well meaning businesses have been targets to increased cyber criminals due to human error and lack of awareness. Is your team prepared and equipped to protect your assets?


Cybersecurity is important for organizations of all kinds and sizes, including SMEs.  Cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting SMEs, including to obtain information about their customers and business partners and to access the systems and data of their business partners.  Cyber-attacks can cause SMEs to suffer potentially devastating financial losses and liabilities.  

Is your team prepared and equipped to protect your assets?

A company policy doesn’t mean a company practice.  The result can be the lack of your team being prepared and a risk of human error unintentionally and easily opening the door to cyber-attack.  

Always Ask:

  1. Do you have written policies, standards and procedures that govern how technology is to be used and managed?
  2. Does you team know these policies and how to implement them?
  3. Have you tested your systems for vulnerabilities?